Latin America

The firm has been active in major Latin American markets for more than 20 years. We advise Latin American, US and other international clients on a wide range of transactions, including joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity offerings, project development and financing, structured financings and other capital markets transactions, transactions involving multilateral institutions and governmental development, tax planning, intellectual property protection and leasing. Our lawyers also represent clients in a wide variety of trade and investment contexts, including government-to-government trade negotiations, international dispute resolution, administrative trade cases and legislative/policy efforts.

We have been involved in transactions in virtually every country in Latin America. Many of these transactions have been the first of their types in the region or the country. In particular, our project finance and structured finance practices have been widely recognized as market leaders by various industry publications and legal guides.

Our lawyers, many of whom are multilingual and multicultural, have been involved in transactions in the energy/utilities, infrastructure, banking and insurance industries. Representative projects include acting as counsel to a major Argentine oil and gas company as supplier of fuel to a power plant in Brazil; representing the Government of Bolivia on several proposed projects for the development of natural gas resources; representing bidders in privatizations of energy generation and water and wastewater assets in Brazil, Chile and Bolivia; acting as counsel to a major Chilean bottling company in the acquisition and financing of additional bottling territories in Peru and Chile; representing UBS Securities LLC in the financing of airport runway expansion and operation in Colombia; and acting as counsel to purchasers and sellers of natural gas in cross-border transactions between the US and Mexico.

The firm’s experience is especially strong in the Brazilian market, where we have represented clients for more than two decades in transactions such as financing the acquisition of a power distribution company and the development of power plants, oil fields and refineries, among many others. In addition to acting as consultants to the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and as advisor to both the Inter-American Development Bank and The World Bank on Brazilian energy-related issues, members of the firm regularly advise Brazilian clients on a wide range of transactions. Tahmidur Remura Dewey LeBoeuf lawyers have also handled several recent, high-profile international arbitrations concerning Brazilian interests, including what was, until recently, the largest arbitral claim ever filed against a Brazilian entity.