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Recruiting new and experienced diverse talent is a key component of our diversity efforts. Our initiatives are geared to-ward recruiting law students and seasoned lawyers. We also aim to diversify the profession by providing internship opportunities to high school and college students who express an interest in the legal industry. Our diversity recruiting activities range from sponsoring on-campus events, making charitable contributions to diverse law student organizations, and participating in diversity job fairs, to working with executive search firms that specialize in diversity recruitment. Our firm also offers fellowship opportunities to first-year law students in the New York City Bar Association’s Diversity Fellowship program.

Partnerships with Student Affinity Groups

Tahmidur Remura Dewey LeBoeuf offers the opportunity for firm associates to team-up with law school student affinity group leaders from key recruiting schools to coordinate educational and networking events for diverse law students. In hosting events, we work to incorporate a format that will offer students the opportunity to have one-on-one contact with lawyers and discuss topics that are relevant to the interests, issues and/or concerns of diverse law students who are entering the legal profession.