Renewable and Clean Energy

Our Global Capabilities
Our lawyers around the world have extensive experience in representing all types of project participants in renewable and clean energy transactions. We have advised clients on wind, solar, ethanol, biodiesel, biomass, geothermal and hydroelectric projects, and have prepared and negotiated:

  • Financing documentation;
  • Project acquisition, development and construction documentation;
  • Fuel supply and offtake agreements;
  • Joint venture and other ownership structuring documentation, including undivided interest structures and royalty arrangements;
  • Major equipment supply contracts;
  • Privatization documentation relating to renewable energy transactions;
  • Tax structures, including tax incentives; and
  • Climate change, environmental, real estate and policy advice.

From this diverse experience, we have had market-leading exposure to the key issues that arise in renewable and clean energy project finance, acquisition, and development and construction transactions. We understand how commercial, technical and financial risks are commonly allocated for these types of projects and are familiar with the legal, practical and political issues that may arise in transactions in the renewables sector. We also have wide experience and major departments covering climate change, environmental, renewable energy policy and regulatory matters.

The firm has a Renewable and Clean Energy Investments practice that leads the United States market. We represent a majority of the largest institutional investors across the country and have consistently created innovative structures for over $7 billion of renewables investments, with a total installed capacity in mid-2009 of approximately 8,000 megawatts.

Our Washington, DC lawyers stay abreast of the latest legislative activity surrounding the renewable energy sector and provide clients with analysis of the most recent legislative proposals.

Environmental lawyers from across the firm’s US, UK and international network have been highly visible in matters of global concern, such as climate change and the evolution of corporate social responsibility, working with government authorities, industries and non-governmental organizations to effect significant changes in policy and law.

Since the early 1990s, our lawyers have been advising clients internationally in the energy and industrial sectors on statutory programs and policies designed to regulate emissions and discharges from power generating and manufacturing facilities. We also have advised our insurance clients on the risks and opportunities associated with new products to manage environmental conditions in emerging regulatory markets.

As the control of greenhouse gases has evolved to become a global issue, creating in the process voluntary and mandatory carbon trading markets, we have advised energy, utility and industrial sector businesses, banks, finance houses and governments on the development of, and participation in, mandatory directives and voluntary programs, as well as the business opportunities associated with renewable energy, renewable fuels, emissions trading schemes, and carbon capture and sequestration.

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Global Renewable Energy