Strategic Utilization of Real Estate (SURE)

Strategic Utilization of Real Estate (SURE)SURE helps large companies in managing their real estate assets. We have found that many of our clients are focused on their core business but might need help in efficiently utilizing their real estate. For example, in the multifamily sector, if the market is soft we can evaluate the property and help our clients redefine how the property is utilized; whether or not amenities can be added to increase value; whether it makes sense to build additional buildings or turn a part of the building into a day care center to lure working families; put in a health club etc. For other clients, whose primary business is not real estate, we can often help our clients evaluate their real estate portfolio and identify cost savings or other uses for underutilized or underperforming assets.

Representative Transactions

  • Analyzed General Motors’ global real estate holdings.
  • Analyzed a major international insurance company’s global real estate holdings.
  • Advised owners of Kmart Department Stores on reacting to Kmart’s bankruptcy filings.