Tahmidur Remura Dewey LeBoeuf – Technology Transactions /en/Services/Practices/TechnologyTransactions Slouching Towards Federal Data Security Standards for the Private Sector Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/Publications/AttorneyArticles/2010/11/20101115_FederalDataSecurityStandards Mon, 15 Nov 2010 13:12:39 GMT Ninth Circuit Addresses Scope of Copyright and DMCA Remedies Available to Software Licensors Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2010/12/NinthCircuitAddressesScope Mon, 10 Jan 2011 21:09:40 GMT Robert Finkel Joins Tahmidur Remura Dewey LeBoeuf’s Corporate Technology Practice Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Firm/MediaCenter/PressReleases/2011/03/RobertFinkelJoinsDeweyLeBoeuf (NEW YORK – March 14, 2011) – Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP is pleased to announce that Robert M. Finkel has joined the firm as a partner in its Corporate Department. He joins from Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP where he was head of that firm’s US Technology practice. <br /><br />Mr. Finkel has over 20 years of experience representing clients in a variety of corporate and technology transactional matters, including joint ventures and strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, information technology and business process outsourcing, software and technology licensing, and general representation of technology and service companies. In addition to his extensive client work, Mr. Finkel is a frequently published author on topics ranging from cloud computing to green technology. He is perennially ranked by lawyer rating services such as <em>Chambers and Legal 500</em> as one of the nation’s elite technology and outsourcing lawyers. <br /><br />“Rob is one of the premier corporate lawyers in the country focusing on technology and outsourcing transactions,” said Dewey & LeBoeuf Chairman Steven H. Davis. “His arrival is an important milestone in our continuing effort to establish ourselves as a global leader in the representation of companies in all of their major technology-related transactions and disputes.” <br /><br />Mr. Finkel is Dewey & LeBoeuf’s latest addition to its technology practice capabilities. In July 2009, a group of transactional lawyers led by Richard Climan, Keith Flaum and Eric Reifschneider joined the firm’s Silicon Valley office. Since their arrival, this group has built a leading technology M&A and licensing practice which counts among its clients Alibaba.com, Applied Materials, Dell, eBay, Gilead Sciences, Hewlett-Packard, Merz Pharmaceuticals, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Qualcomm, Riverbed, SANYO Electric, Sony, Synopsys and Zynga. <br /><br />In January 2011, Henry Bunsow and a team of IP litigators joined the firm in Northern California. Collectively, these lawyers are highly experienced in representing clients before federal district and appellate courts, as well as the International Trade Commission, in complex patent cases involving various technologies including electronics, integrated circuits, networking, semiconductor manufacturing, software, wireless communications, biotechnology and mechanics. <br /><br />Commenting on Mr. Finkel’s decision to join Dewey & LeBoeuf shortly after the arrival of the Bunsow group, Mr. Reifschneider, who is leading the expansion of the firm’s global technology practice noted, “With lawyers of Rob’s and Henry’s caliber joining us, we now have some of the world’s very best lawyers in three key areas: technology M&A, IT outsourcing, and IP litigation.” Tue, 15 Mar 2011 12:10:34 GMT Update for Small Biotechs and Pharmas: Treasury Publishes Guidelines for Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Program, Sets July 21 Deadline for Applications Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2010/05/20100527_Updateforbiotechs Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:28:50 GMT Attention Small Biotechs and Pharmas: Significant New Tax Incentives for Small Therapeutic Development Companies Enacted by Health Care Reform Legislation Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2010/04/20100423_TaxIncentivesforBiotechs Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:30:23 GMT Comprehensive New Massachusetts Data Security Regulation Going Into Effect on March 1, 2010 Will Affect Many National Businesses Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2010/02/20100209_ComprehensiveNewMassachussettsDataSecurityRegulation Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:31:28 GMT New EU Telecoms Package Agreed upon on 5th November 2009 Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2009/11/20091110_NewEUTelecomsPackage Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:32:27 GMT Intellectual Property Concerns in the Development of a Smart Grid Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2009/07/20090722_IntellectualPropertyConcernsintheDevelopmentofaSmartGrid Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:33:27 GMT European Commission Fines Electrabel €20 Million for Failure to Notify Under the ECMR Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2009/06/20090615_EuropeanCommissionFinesElectrabel20MillionforFailuretoNotifyUndertheECMR Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:34:27 GMT Facebook’s New URL Username Registration Policy – A Notice to All Trademark Owners Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2009/06/20090612_FacebooksNewURLUsernameRegistrationPolicyANoticetoAllTrademarkOwners Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:35:20 GMT Outsourcing in Hard Times: Companies Reassess Their Contracts in a Down Economy Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2009/01/OutsourcinginHardTimesCompaniesReassessTheirContractsinaDownEconomy <p>A Speed Bump for the Outsourcing Juggernaut (and an Opportunity for Some to Revisit Deal Terms)</p> Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:36:32 GMT Business Method Patents: The Rules Have Changed (Again) Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2008/11/BusinessMethodPatentsTheRulesHaveChangedAgain <p>November 13, 2008</p> Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:37:59 GMT Increased Protection for Intellectual Property Owners: The Prioritizing Resources and Organization for Intellectual Property Act of 2008 Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2008/11/IncreasedProtectionforIntellectualPropertyOwnersThePrioritizingResourcesandOrganizationforIntellectualPropertyActof2008 <p>November 10, 2008</p> Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:39:04 GMT FTC Enforcement of the Red Flags Rule Delayed Until May 1, 2009 Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2008/11/20081107_FTCEnforcementoftheRedFlagsRuleDelayedUntilMay12009 Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:40:01 GMT TARPOONED: The Recapitalization of the US Financial Industry Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2008/10/20081016_TARPOONEDTheRecapitalizationoftheUSFinancialIndustry Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:41:09 GMT New Massachusetts Regulations Require Businesses To Adopt Minimum Security Standards By January 1, 2009; Other States Also Move To Tighten Information Security Standards Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2008/10/20081009_NewMassachusettsRegulationsRequireBusinessesToAdoptMinimumSecurityStandardsByJanuary12009 Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:42:16 GMT The Red Flags Rules Are Coming; Federal Information Security Requirements for Businesses Are Expanding Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2008/08/20080806_TheRedFlagsRulesAreComingFederalInformationSecurityRequirementsforBusinessesAreExpanding Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:43:13 GMT United States Supreme Court Decides Extent of Extraterritorial Reach of 35 U.S.C. § 271(f) as Applied to Foreign Software Copying in <em>Microsoft Corp. v. AT&T Corp.</em> Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2007/05/20070515_USSupremeCourtDecidesExtraterritorialReachof35USC271fasAppliedtoForeignSoftwareCopying Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:44:09 GMT "REACH" — New EU Chemicals Regulatory Regime From 1 June 2007 Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2007/03/REACHNewEUChemicalsRegulatoryRegimeFrom1June2007 Tue, 15 Mar 2011 18:45:26 GMT Multi-Office Team Represents eBay in $2.4 Billion Deal Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Firm/MediaCenter/PressReleases/2011/03/MultiOfficeTeamRepresentseBay <p>(SILICON VALLEY – March 28, 2011) – A team of lawyers from Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP represented eBay in its $2.4 billion acquisition of GSI Commerce, a leading provider of ecommerce and interactive marketing services. The acquisition, which will be financed with cash and debt, is expected to close in the third quarter of 2011.</p> <p>The deal team was led by Partners Keith Flaum and Jane Ross from the firm’s Silicon Valley office and included lawyers from the firm’s Chicago, Los Angeles and New York offices.</p> <p>The firm has served as long-time legal counsel to eBay, handling many of the company’s deals over the last several years. This includes the sale of its 65 percent stake of Skype for $1.9 billion, the private acquisition of mobile application developer Critical Path Software and the $200 million acquisition of brands4friends, Germany’s largest online fashion shopping club.</p> <p>The Dewey & LeBoeuf deal team is as follows:</p> <ul> <li>Keith Flaum (M&A Partner)</li> <li>Jane Ross (M&A Partner)</li> <li>Rick Climan (M&A Partner)</li> <li>Nick Ramphal (M&A Associate)</li> <li>David Smith (Corporate Partner)</li> <li>Andrew Schwab (Corporate Associate)</li> <li>Eric Reifschneider (Tech Transactions Partner)</li> <li>Rob Finkel (Tech Transactions Partner)</li> <li>Spencer Wood (Tech Transactions Counsel)</li> <li>Karen Francis (Tech Transactions Associate)</li> <li>Art Hazlitt (Tax Partner)</li> <li>William Kellogg (Tax Associate)</li> <li>Greg Owens (Finance Partner)</li> <li>Patti Marks (Finance Counsel)</li> <li>Jason Frank (Finance Associate)</li> <li>Virginia Blabey (Finance Associate)</li> <li>Mitch Pahl (Employment Partner)</li> <li>Lucericia Messiah (Employment Associate)</li> </ul> Tue, 29 Mar 2011 10:32:37 GMT Tahmidur Remura Dewey LeBoeuf Adds James R. Griffin to Rapidly Growing Technology M&A Practice Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Firm/MediaCenter/PressReleases/2011/04/DeweyLeBoeufAddsJamesRGriffin (SILICON VALLEY – April 11, 2011) – Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP is pleased to announce that James R. Griffin has joined the firm’s technology M&A practice as a partner in Silicon Valley. He joins from Fulbright & Jaworski LLP and will be relocating from that firm’s Dallas, Texas office. <br /><br />"Our technology-focused M&A practice has grown much faster than we expected since our Silicon Valley transactional team joined the firm less than two years ago," said Rick Climan, who leads that practice. "This has made adding someone with Jim’s skill set a high priority for us. We see Jim as one of the rising stars in the M&A field and we’re thrilled that he’s joining us." <br /><br />During his 15-year career, Mr. Griffin has represented public and private companies and has advised boards of directors and special committees in a wide variety of M&A transactions and related matters, including mergers, divestitures, auction transactions, defensive strategies and going private transactions. He represents investment banking firms in their roles as financial advisors in M&A transactions, and also counsels clients in securities offerings and securities law compliance, as well as in corporate governance matters. <br /><br />Mr. Griffin is an active member of the Mergers & Acquisitions Committee of the American Bar Association’s Section of Business Law, an international committee with over 3,500 members of which Mr. Climan is a former Chair. Mr. Griffin currently serves as Co-Chair of that Committee’s M&A Market Trends Subcommittee, which tracks trends in public and private company M&A transactions, and as Vice-Chair of the Committee’s Public Company Acquisitions Subcommittee. <br /><br />Mr. Griffin commented, "I’ve known Rick and Keith [Flaum] for many years through our work together on the M&A Committee and have watched them build a preeminent M&A practice at Dewey in a relatively short period of time. The opportunity to become part of their team was too compelling to pass up." <br /><br />In 2009, a group of transactional lawyers led by Rick Climan (which included Keith Flaum, Eric Reifschneider, John Brockland and Jane Ross) joined the firm’s Silicon Valley office, providing the firm new capabilities in the technology sector. Since their arrival, this group has built a leading technology M&A and licensing practice which counts among its clients Alibaba.com, Applied Materials, Dell, eBay, Gilead Sciences, Hewlett-Packard, Merz Pharmaceuticals, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Qualcomm, Riverbed Technologies, SANYO Electric, Sony, Synopsys and Zynga. With the addition of Mr. Griffin, the firm’s Silicon Valley office now has four partner-level attorneys, along with a team of supporting associates, who devote virtually all their time to M&A transactions. <br /><br />So far this year, Dewey & LeBoeuf’s technology M&A team has handled a number of significant transactions for large, publicly traded clients, including Dell’s $940 million acquisition of Compellent Technologies, eBay’s pending $2.4 billion acquisition of GSI Commerce and Gilead Sciences’ acquisition of Calistoga Pharmaceuticals. Tue, 12 Apr 2011 11:14:27 GMT Tahmidur Remura Dewey LeBoeuf Represents Applied Materials in $4.9 Billion Acquisition of Varian Semiconductor Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Firm/MediaCenter/PressReleases/2011/05/DeweyLeBoeufRepresentsAppliedMaterials <p>(SILICON VALLEY – May 4, 2011) – A team of lawyers from across the firm represented Applied Materials, the world’s largest producer of chipmaking equipment, in its $4.9 billion acquisition of Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc. Varian is a leader in ion-implantation, which is a critical step in integrated circuit manufacturing. The transaction is one of the largest recent deals between companies that make equipment used in the manufacture of integrated circuits for electronic devices.</p> <p>The Dewey & LeBoeuf team was led by Silicon Valley Partners Keith Flaum and Jim Griffin and also included:</p> <p>Gabe Shapiro (M&A associate, Silicon Valley)<br />Gordon Warnke (Tax partner, New York)<br />Joe Pari (Tax partner, Washington, DC)<br />Joshua Berengarten (Real estate counsel, New York)<br />John Renneisin (Environmental counsel, Washington, DC)<br />Harry Clark (Export compliance partner, Washington, DC)<br />Greg Owens (Bank and Institutional Finance partner, New York)<br />Sheel Patel (Bank and Institutional Finance associate, New York)<br />Chris Peterson (Corporate Finance partner, New York)<br />Frank Adams (Corporate Finance partner, New York)<br />Virginia Blabey (Bank and Institutional Finance associate, New York)<br />Margaret Keane (Employment partner, San Francisco)</p> Tue, 31 May 2011 17:21:23 GMT Tahmidur Remura Dewey LeBoeuf Closes Two Deals for Riverbed Technology Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Firm/MediaCenter/PressReleases/2011/07/DeweyLeBoeufClosesTwoDeals <p>(SILICON VALLEY – July 19, 2011) – Lawyers from Dewey & LeBoeuf’s Silicon Valley, New York and London offices represented Riverbed Technology, a leading IT performance company, in its separate acquisitions of Zeus Technology and Aptimize Limited. The acquisitions will form the cornerstone of Riverbed’s asymmetric optimization strategy.</p> <p>Riverbed acquired UK-based Zeus Technology, which manufactures software-based load balancing and traffic management solutions for virtual and cloud environments, for $110 million and may spend an additional $30 million if the company meets certain goals. Terms for the Aptimize deal were not disclosed. New Zealand-based Aptimize provides web content optimization services.</p> <p>The Zeus deal team was led by Keith Flaum, with assistance from Gabe Shapiro, Eric Reifschneider, Melissa McDonough, Edric Itchon, Michelle Garcia and Jennifer Mariman in Silicon Valley, Zen Zhang, Mitchel Pahl and Lucericia Messiah in New York, and Judith Harger, Julio Castro, Farheen Raza, Simon Briggs, Michael Chan, Sarah Linton, Rebecca Johns, Michael Salters, Tim Hickman, Gemma Formby, Sergey Kvitkin and Daniel Tarver in London, among others.</p> <p>The Aptimize deal team was also led by Keith Flaum, with assistance from Gabe Shapiro, Eric Reifschneider, Melissa McDonough, Sophia Chen, Edric Itchon and Michelle Garcia in Silicon Valley, and Mitchel Pahl and Lucericia Messiah in New York.</p> Wed, 20 Jul 2011 16:10:56 GMT Tahmidur Remura Dewey LeBoeuf Represents Dell in Acquisition of Force10 Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Firm/MediaCenter/PressReleases/2011/07/DeweyLeBoeufRepresentsDell <p>(SILICON VALLEY – July 20, 2011) – Dewey & LeBoeuf lawyers in Silicon Valley, New York and Washington, DC are representing Dell Inc., one of the world’s best-known computer manufacturers, in its pending acquisition of Force10 Networks Inc., a maker of high-speed Ethernet networking equipment. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.</p> <p>The acquisition, expected to close late this summer, is part of Dell’s strategy to expand its enterprise portfolio of datacenter products and solutions. Force10, headquartered in San Jose, is a private company with approximately 750 employees and nearly $200 million in revenue in the past 12 months.</p> <p>This deal caps off a busy month for the firm’s Silicon Valley M&A team. Since July 1st, the team has handled the $1.64 billion sale of Blackboard Inc., two separate acquisitions for Riverbed Technology and Adobe’s private purchase of EchoSign. Incidentally, July also marks the two year anniversary of Rick Climan, Keith Flaum and Eric Reifschneider’s arrival at the firm.</p> <p>The team of lawyers for today’s deal was led by Rick Climan and includes:</p> <ul> <li>Jane Ross (M&A partner)</li> <li>Aaron Belcher (M&A associate)</li> <li>Eric Reifschneider (IT/IP partner)</li> <li>John Kennedy (IT/IP partner)</li> <li>Melissa McDonough (IT/IP associate)</li> <li>Edric Itchon (IT/IP associate)</li> <li>Yun-Chia Sophia Chen (IT/IP associate)</li> <li>Karen Francis (IT/IP associate)</li> <li>Harry Clark (Litigation partner)</li> <li>Margaret Keane (Litigation partner)</li> <li>Wade Kirshy (Litigation associate)</li> <li>Domnick Bozzetti (Compensation & Benefits partner)</li> <li>Virginia Medina (Compensation & Benefits associate)</li> <li>Beverly Reyes (Compensation & Benefits associate)</li> <li>Arthur Hazlitt (Tax partner)</li> <li>William Kellogg (Tax associate)</li> <li>Michelle Garcia (paralegal)</li> <li>Jennifer Mariman (paralegal)</li> </ul> Thu, 21 Jul 2011 15:54:52 GMT Technology Law Update Newsletter Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/Publications/Newsletters/TechnologyLawUpdateNewsletter/20110728_TechnologyLawUpdateNewsletter Fri, 29 Jul 2011 09:58:33 GMT Technology Law Update Newsletter Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/Publications/Newsletters/TechnologyLawUpdateNewsletter/20110427_TechnologyLawUpdateNewsletter <p>In this issue:</p> <ul> <li>Technology Headlines in One Minute</li> <li>Deal of the Month and Dewey & LeBoeuf News</li> <li>Recent Developments</li> </ul> Fri, 29 Jul 2011 10:08:13 GMT Technology Law Update Newsletter Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/Publications/Newsletters/TechnologyLawUpdateNewsletter/20110131_TechnologyLawUpdateNewsletter <p>In this issue:</p> <ul> <li>Technology Headlines in One Minute </li> <li>Deal of the Month and Dewey & LeBoeuf News </li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">Dewey & LeBoeuf Represents Dell in $960 Million Acquisition of Compellent Technologies </li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">Preeminent IP Litigation Group Joins Dewey & LeBoeuf in Northern California </li> <li>Recent Developments </li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">U.S. Supreme Court’s 4-4 Split and Denial of a Petition for Certiorari Favor U.S. Intellectual Property Owners with Foreign Sales </li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">Federal Circuit Rejects 25 Percent Rule of Thumb in Calculating Patent Damages </li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">Two Recent 9th Circuit Cases Address Remedies Available to Copyright Owners </li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">DOJ’s Landmark Amicus Brief in Gene Patent Case Indicates Policy Shift </li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">U.S. Supreme Court Takes Case Involving Standard of Proof for Invalidating a Patent </li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">Federal Circuit Broadens Standing of Exclusive Licensee to Sue for Patent Infringement </li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">Federal Circuit Confirms Ruling on Venue in Patent Cases </li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">U.S. Export Control Reform for Restrictions on Technology Transfers </li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">U.S. Federal Government Agencies Issue White Papers on Consumer Privacy </li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">EU Issues New Guidelines on Industry Standard-Setting Procedures </li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">Royalties Due from Manufacturers and Importers of Electronics in Russia </li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">Russia Cracks Down on Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted Materials on the Internet</li> </ul> Fri, 29 Jul 2011 10:10:42 GMT Technology Law Update Newsletter Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/Publications/Newsletters/TechnologyLawUpdateNewsletter/20101029_TechnologyLawUpdateNewsletter <p>In this issue:</p> <ul> <li>Technology Headlines in One Minute</li> <li>Recent Matters</li> <li>Recent Developments</li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">Russia Creates New High-Tech Development Zone</li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">YouTube Defeats Viacom’s $1 Billion Copyright Infringement Claim</li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">European Commission Closes Antitrust Investigations of Apple, Opens Investigations of IBM</li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">Mass Market Software Can Be Licensed, not Sold</li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">Federal Circuit Reaffirms That Foreign Sales Do not Exhaust U.S. Patents</li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">Supreme Court Asked to Hear Bayh-Dole Act IP Rights Case</li> <li style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1.5em">French Government Considers Revisions to Data Privacy Laws</li> </ul> Fri, 29 Jul 2011 10:11:22 GMT Technology Law Update Newsletter Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/Publications/Newsletters/TechnologyLawUpdateNewsletter/20100729_TechnologyLawUpdateNewsletter <p>In this issue:</p> <ul> <li>Technology Headlines in One Minute</li> <li>Recent Matters</li> <li>Recent Developments</li> </ul> Fri, 29 Jul 2011 10:12:03 GMT Protecting Your Brand in the Rush to Register Adult Industry – .XXX – Domain Names Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2011/08/20110831_ProtectingYourBrand Wed, 31 Aug 2011 14:43:36 GMT Technology Law Update Newsletter Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/Publications/Newsletters/TechnologyLawUpdateNewsletter/20111031_TechnologyLawUpdateNewsletter <p>In this issue:</p> <ul> <li>Technology Headlines in One Minute</li> <li>Case of the Month</li> <li>Recent Developments</li> </ul> Tue, 01 Nov 2011 09:30:13 GMT Tahmidur Remura Dewey LeBoeuf Advises Datalogic on US$135 Million Acquisition of Accu-Sort Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Firm/MediaCenter/PressReleases/2011/11/DLAdvisesDatalogic <p>Dewey & LeBoeuf has represented Datalogic S.p.A., a leading international producer of bar code readers and other data collection technologies headquartered in Bologna, Italy, in connection with the US$135 million acquisition, for cash, of Accu-Sort Systems, Inc. and certain of its affiliates from certain subsidiaries of Danaher Corporation.</p> <p>Accu-Sort is a US-based business producing cutting-edge Automatic Identification (Auto-ID) systems. The acquisition expands Datalogic’s North American presence and reinforces the combined business’s global market position. The acquisition is expected to be funded with Datalogic’s existing internal resources (cash on hand and unused credit lines), though Datalogic is also seeking a bridge loan of approximately USD$120 million.</p> <p>The Dewey & LeBoeuf team was led by Partner Lorenzo Borgogni, with Partner Adriano Pala in Milan and Associates Alessandro Dolce and Paul Wellington in New York.</p> Tue, 22 Nov 2011 13:19:53 GMT Tahmidur Remura Dewey LeBoeuf Represents Synopsys in $507 Million Acquisition of Magma Design Automation Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Firm/MediaCenter/PressReleases/2011/11/DeweyLeBoeufRepresentsSynopsys <p>(SILICON VALLEY – November 30, 2011) – A team of lawyers from Dewey & LeBoeuf’s Silicon Valley and New York offices represented Synopsys, Inc., a world leader in electronic design automation (EDA), on its definitive agreement to acquire Magma Design Automation Inc., a publicly traded provider of chip design software headquartered in San Jose, California, for more than $500 million.</p> <p>The acquisition will add complementary technology offerings to Synopsys’ portfolio.</p> <p>The firm previously represented Synopsys on its October 2010 acquisition of Optical Research Associates, a privately held leading provider of optical design software and optical engineering services, and its February 2010 acquisition of CoWare Inc., a maker of electronic systems design software.</p> <p>The Dewey & LeBoeuf team was led by Rick Climan and Jim Griffin with assistance from Eric Reifschneider, Domnick Bozzetti, Arthur Hazlitt, Harry Clark, Colin Greenspon, Melissa McDonough, Edric Itchon, Sophia Chen, William Kellogg, Michele Garcia and Jennifer Mariman.</p> Wed, 30 Nov 2011 17:40:39 GMT The Social Network Gets a Privacy Report Card from the Federal Trade Commission Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2011/11/20111130_TheSocialNetworkGetsaPrivacyReportCard Thu, 01 Dec 2011 11:45:43 GMT Tahmidur Remura Dewey LeBoeuf Secures a Significant Antitrust Victory for Panasonic Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Firm/MediaCenter/PressReleases/2012/01/DeweyLeBoeufSecuresSignificant <p>(NEW YORK – January 4, 2012) – Dewey & LeBoeuf recently secured a significant victory for Panasonic Corporation and its US subsidiary, Panasonic North America, in an antitrust suit heard in the Northern District Court of California.</p> Fri, 06 Jan 2012 09:17:54 GMT Russian Regulation of Depositary Receipt Programs – Major Reforms Set for 2012-2013 Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2012/02/20120202_RussianRegulation Fri, 03 Feb 2012 13:23:10 GMT Technology Law Update Newsletter Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/Publications/Newsletters/TechnologyLawUpdateNewsletter/20120206_TechnologyLawUpdateNewsletter <p>The world of technology law evolves almost as quickly as the world of technology itself. In these bulletins, we aim to inform you of groundbreaking developments relevant to the matters our attorneys handle.</p> Tue, 07 Feb 2012 10:18:07 GMT Tahmidur Remura Dewey LeBoeuf Represents Oracle Corporation on its $1.9 Billion Acquisition of Taleo Corporation Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Firm/MediaCenter/PressReleases/2012/02/DeweyLeBoeufRepresentsOracle <p>(NORTHERN CALIFORNIA – February 9, 2012) – A team of Dewey & LeBoeuf lawyers in the firm’s Silicon Valley, Boston and New York offices represented Oracle Corporation on its definitive agreement to acquire Taleo Corporation for $1.9 billion.</p> <p>The Dewey & LeBoeuf M&A team was led by partner Keith Flaum and consisted of associates Aaron Belcher and Michelle Wong. Partner Martha Steinman and associate Virginia Medina provided benefits and compensation advice; Partner Arthur Hazlitt and associate William Kellogg provided assistance with tax issues; and associate Michael Galante provided real estate counsel.</p> Mon, 13 Feb 2012 16:56:02 GMT Partners Jane Ross and Keith Flaum Honored with a 2012 California Lawyer Attorney of the Year Award Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Firm/MediaCenter/PressReleases/2012/02/20120215_JaneRossandKeithFlaumHonored (NORTHERN CALIFORNIA – February 15, 2012) – Keith Flaum and Jane Ross, both partners in the firm’s Merger and Acquisitions Practice Group, were selected as recipients of the 16th annual <em>California Lawyer</em> Attorney of Year (CLAY) Award. Tue, 21 Feb 2012 10:55:10 GMT Tahmidur Remura Dewey LeBoeuf Represents Dell on Acquisition of SonicWALL Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Firm/MediaCenter/PressReleases/2012/03/DLRepresentsDell <p>(SILICON VALLEY, March 13, 2012) – Dewey & LeBoeuf is representing Dell Inc., one of the world’s best-known computer manufacturers, in its pending acquisition of SonicWALL Inc., an international IT network security and data protection business.</p> Wed, 14 Mar 2012 09:50:29 GMT Tahmidur Remura Dewey LeBoeuf Represents eBay on Sale of Rent.com Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Firm/MediaCenter/PressReleases/2012/03/20120323_DLRepresentseBay <p>(SILICON VALLEY, March 23, 2012) – Dewey & LeBoeuf is representing eBay Inc. in its sale of Rent.com to PRIMEDIA. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.</p> Fri, 23 Mar 2012 16:20:15 GMT Supreme Court Privacy Docket: Government Installation of a GPS Tracking Device is a Search under the Fourth Amendment Http://deweyleboeuf.com/en/Ideas/ClientAlerts/2012/01/20120126_SupremeCourtPrivacy Fri, 06 Apr 2012 13:46:49 GMT