Capital Market Transactions in Bangladesh

Capital Market Transactions in Bangladesh

Navigating Capital Market Transactions in Bangladesh: A Comprehensive Legal Perspective

Dewey Leboeuf, as a prominent law firm in Bangladesh, has played a pivotal role in various capital market transactions, showcasing its expertise in navigating the intricacies of the legal landscape. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the details of several noteworthy projects undertaken by the firm. While the names of specific companies are withheld for confidentiality reasons, the essence of our involvement in diverse capital market transactions is thoroughly explored.

A. Security Laws in Bangladesh

Dewey Leboeuf has undertaken multiple due diligence exercises for LDA Capital, meticulously examining the security laws of Bangladesh. These initiatives are designed to ensure compliance, identify potential legal risks, and provide a comprehensive understanding of the legal environment in the context of capital market transactions.

B. Structuring a Complex Transaction with BLF

The law firm has been at the forefront of structuring complex transactions involving Backstop Liquidity Facility (BLF). This entails a sophisticated approach to legal and financial structuring, emphasizing risk mitigation and regulatory adherence. Dewey Leboeuf’s involvement highlights its capability to navigate intricate financial instruments for the benefit of its clients.

C. Negotiating Investment in a Listed Company

Negotiating investments in listed companies requires a nuanced understanding of regulatory frameworks and market dynamics. Dewey Leboeuf has actively participated in such negotiations, facilitating investment transactions in compliance with regulatory requirements.

II. Regulations on Acquisition of Large Shareholding

A. Advisory for a Multinational Corporation

Dewey Leboeuf’s investment team provided crucial advisory services to a multinational corporation (MNC) on regulations pertaining to the acquisition of a significant shareholding in a listed company on the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). This underscores the firm’s proficiency in guiding MNCs through the regulatory landscape of Bangladesh’s capital market.

B. Due Diligence for Foreign Institutional Investor

A foreign institutional investor sought Dewey Leboeuf’s legal expertise for a comprehensive due diligence report on the capital market of Bangladesh. This initiative reflects the firm’s commitment to delivering thorough assessments, offering valuable insights for informed investment decisions.

C. Safeguarding Foreign Institutional Investor Interests

In 2018, Dewey Leboeuf represented a major US-based foreign institutional investor, safeguarding its interests in an investment made in a multinational company listed on the capital market of Bangladesh. This legal representation underscores the firm’s role in ensuring the protection of foreign investments in the local capital market.

III. Bond Issuance: Grameen Danone Foods Limited and First Security Islami Bank Ltd.

Dewey Leboeuf assumed the role of legal counsel for the proposed issuance of bonds for Grameen Danone Foods Limited. This involved navigating regulatory frameworks, ensuring compliance, and facilitating the issuance process for the benefit of the client.

The firm also provided legal counsel for the proposed issuance of bonds for First Security Islami Bank Ltd. This engagement exemplifies Dewey Leboeuf’s proficiency in guiding financial institutions through the legal intricacies of bond issuance in Bangladesh.

Dewey Leboeuf actively advised City Bank Limited in the financing process related to a bond issued by Banglalink, specifically Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Limited. This demonstrates the firm’s involvement in facilitating financial transactions and its commitment to ensuring legal compliance in bond-related financing.

The law firm took legal action against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) concerning the refusal to grant permission for raising capital for private investment by Saturn Textiles Ltd. This reflects Dewey Leboeuf’s commitment to protecting the interests of its clients in the face of regulatory challenges.

B. Complex Exit Situation for a Leading Listed Company

Dewey Leboeuf has been instrumental in legally assisting a shareholder in a leading listed company facing a complex exit situation. Negotiating and navigating exit scenarios requires a deep understanding of corporate and securities laws, an expertise the firm brings to the forefront.

VI. Asset Sales, IPOs, and Venture Capital Investment Recovery

A. Legally Assisting a Listed Company in Asset Sales

The firm has provided legal assistance to a listed company in selling assets, showcasing its proficiency in facilitating asset transactions within the regulatory framework of Bangladesh’s capital market.

B. Advising on IPOs

Dewey Leboeuf has been actively advising on raising capital through initial public offerings (IPOs). The intricacies of IPOs demand a thorough understanding of regulatory requirements, and the firm’s advisory role emphasizes its capability in guiding businesses through the IPO process.

C. Venture Capital Investment Recovery

The law firm has successfully advised SEAF (Small Enterprise Assistance Funds) in a major venture capital investment recovery dispute resolution. This highlights Dewey Leboeuf’s expertise in handling complex disputes related to venture capital investments in Bangladesh.

VII. Advisory for Venture Investment and Regulatory Regime

A. Advising BD Venture on Investment Options

Dewey Leboeuf has provided advisory services to BD Venture, a venture investment firm, on various investment options. This involves a comprehensive understanding of investment landscapes and regulatory regimes, ensuring informed investment decisions.

B. Regulatory Guidance for Venture Investment

The law firm has played a pivotal role in advising on the regulatory regime surrounding venture investments. Navigating regulatory complexities is essential for venture capital firms, and Dewey Leboeuf’s expertise in this area contributes to the growth of the venture investment landscape in Bangladesh.

In conclusion, Dewey Leboeuf’s multifaceted involvement in diverse capital market transactions underscores its commitment to empowering businesses and investors in Bangladesh. The firm’s expertise in due diligence, legal counsel for bond issuances, regulatory advisory, and dispute resolution positions it as a key player in the legal landscape of Bangladesh


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