Admiralty Law Expertise in Bangladesh

Admiralty Law Expertise in Bangladesh

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Dewey Leboeuf Law Firm’s Admiralty Law Expertise in Bangladesh

In the dynamic world of maritime law, where the seas are the stage for a myriad of legal challenges, Dewey Leboeuf Law Firm in Bangladesh has emerged as a stalwart, navigating the complex waters of admiralty matters with finesse and proficiency.

With a decade-long track record, the firm has been at the forefront, adeptly handling claims for both local and foreign clients across a spectrum of issues, ranging from bunker claims to collision cases, mortgage and charge claims, claims for freight, liens, sub-freight of ship-owners, charterers, as well as disputes involving salary and wages of the crew, seamen, cargo damage, and ship cargo ownership disputes.

Bunker Claims:

One of the primary areas of expertise at Dewey Leboeuf is the handling of bunker claims. In the maritime industry, bunker fuel is the lifeblood that keeps vessels operating smoothly. However, disputes may arise regarding the quantity and quality of bunkers supplied, leading to legal complexities. The firm’s seasoned legal professionals bring their extensive knowledge to the table, ensuring that clients are well-represented in negotiations and disputes related to bunker claims.

Collision Cases:

Collisions at sea can result in severe consequences, both in terms of human safety and financial liability. Dewey Leboeuf has demonstrated remarkable proficiency in representing clients involved in collision cases. Whether it’s determining liability, assessing damages, or negotiating settlements, the firm’s expertise in admiralty law ensures that clients receive comprehensive legal counsel tailored to their specific needs.

Mortgage and Charge Claims:

The firm’s prowess extends to mortgage and charge claims, a critical aspect of maritime finance. Dewey Leboeuf understands the intricacies of ship mortgages and charges, providing clients with robust legal solutions to protect their financial interests. Whether acting for ship-owners, banks, or other stakeholders, the firm’s decade-long experience shines through in ensuring that mortgage and charge claims are handled with the utmost diligence.

Claims for Freight, Liens, and Sub-Freight:

Freight disputes, liens, and sub-freight issues are common challenges faced by players in the maritime industry. Dewey Leboeuf Law Firm has carved a niche in handling such intricate matters. The firm’s skilled attorneys adeptly navigate through the complexities of freight-related claims, ensuring that clients’ rights and interests are safeguarded.

Representation of Ship-Owners, Charterers, and Crew:

Dewey Leboeuf Law Firm takes pride in its comprehensive representation, catering to ship-owners, charterers, and the crucial workforce aboard vessels – the crew. The firm’s adept legal team has successfully advocated for the rights and interests of its clients, be it ship-owners dealing with contractual disputes, charterers navigating complex agreements, or crew members seeking fair treatment in matters related to salary and wages.

Cargo Damage and Ownership Disputes:

Cargo damage and ownership disputes pose significant challenges in the maritime industry. Dewey Leboeuf has a proven track record in resolving disputes arising from damaged cargo and ownership conflicts. Whether representing carriers or shippers, the firm’s legal acumen ensures that disputes are addressed with precision, aiming for swift and satisfactory resolutions.

Diverse Clientele: Carrier, Shipper, Bank, Seaman, Manager, P & I Club:

The firm’s clientele is as diverse as the maritime industry itself. Dewey Leboeuf Law Firm has successfully represented carriers, shippers, banks, seamen, managers, and Protection and Indemnity (P & I) Clubs. The versatility of the firm’s legal expertise is reflected in its ability to navigate the unique challenges faced by each client category, with a track record of success that attests to its proficiency.

High Success Rate:

One of the hallmarks of Dewey Leboeuf Law Firm’s admiralty practice in Bangladesh is its consistently high success rate. The firm’s commitment to excellence, combined with a deep understanding of maritime law and a proactive approach to dispute resolution, has resulted in favorable outcomes for its clients. Whether through negotiations, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, or litigation, the firm has proven its ability to secure positive results.


As Bangladesh’s maritime industry continues to evolve, the legal challenges faced by stakeholders become increasingly intricate. Dewey Leboeuf Law Firm stands as a beacon of expertise, providing steadfast guidance and representation in the realm of admiralty law. With a decade of successful handling of claims for local and foreign clients, the firm’s commitment to excellence, versatility, and high success rate position it as a leader in the field. In the ever-changing seascape of maritime law, Dewey Leboeuf remains a reliable partner for those navigating the legal waters in Bangladesh.


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