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Fraud Cargo Delivery in Bangladesh

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Forceful Deviation by Foreign Navy and Fraud Cargo Delivery in Bangladesh:

In the intricate world of admiralty law in Bangladesh, Dewey Leboeuf Law Firm has consistently demonstrated its expertise by successfully handling complex maritime disputes. This article delves into specific admiralty matters where the firm showcased its prowess, offering detailed insights into the challenges faced and the strategic solutions employed.

1. Forceful Deviation by Foreign Navy: A Multifaceted Challenge

In a maritime dispute of unprecedented complexity, Dewey Leboeuf undertook the representation of a client facing the forceful deviation of their vessel by the Iranian Navy. The dispute further involved the discharge of crude oil by the Iranian Court, with multiple sales of the same crude oil to various buyers. Key aspects of the case included:

  1. Chinese Buyer’s Claim in Bangladesh: Dewey Leboeuf played a pivotal role in handling the claim brought in Bangladesh by a Chinese buyer affected by the forceful deviation. The firm navigated the intricate legal landscape to ensure that the rights of the Chinese buyer were protected and pursued in the appropriate jurisdiction.
  2. Vessel Release from Arrest Order: The firm provided crucial assistance in securing the release of the vessel from the arrest order, employing strategic legal maneuvers to address the complexities arising from the actions of the Iranian Navy and Court.
  3. Navigating Multiple Sales Dispute: The case involved the challenge of multiple sales of the same crude oil to various buyers. Dewey Leboeuf’s legal team addressed the intricacies of these transactions and the resulting disputes, showcasing its ability to navigate multifaceted legal challenges.

2. Proceeding Against Receiver, Consignees, and Notify Parties: Exposing Fraud in Cargo Delivery

Dewey Leboeuf demonstrated its commitment to upholding justice and exposing fraud in the maritime sector by launching a proceeding against a receiver of cargo, consignees, and notify parties. The case, represented before the Hon’ble judge Mr. Justice Khurshid Alam Sarker in the Admiralty court of the High Court Division, involved the following key elements:

  1. Fraudulent Use of Canceled Bill of Lading: The central claim revolved around the fraudulent exercise of delivering cargo by the receiver, who produced a canceled Bill of Lading. Dewey Leboeuf meticulously presented the case, ensuring that the fraudulent actions were exposed and justice was sought for its client, a leading shipowner.
  2. Admission of the Suit: The Hon’ble judge’s admission of the suit reflected the merit and strength of Dewey Leboeuf’s legal arguments. The firm’s representation in this case emphasized its commitment to pursuing justice on behalf of its clients, even in the face of complex fraud allegations.

Dewey Leboeuf’s versatility in admiralty matters was further showcased in a proceeding against customs authority, consignee, and C & F agents for missing cargo, demurrage, detention, and the subsequent release of containers. The firm’s strategic approach included:

  1. Holistic Legal Action: Dewey Leboeuf took comprehensive legal action against multiple parties involved in the missing cargo case. This involved addressing issues with customs authority, consignees, and C & F agents, ensuring a holistic approach to resolving the complexities surrounding missing cargo.
  2. Demurrage and Detention Claims: The firm successfully navigated the intricacies of demurrage and detention claims, securing favorable outcomes for its client. The case highlighted Dewey Leboeuf’s ability to address multifaceted challenges related to cargo and container issues.

4. Complex Dispute Involving Yusen Logistics: Untangling Responsibility Knots

Dewey Leboeuf provided advisory services to Yusen Logistics (Bangladesh) Ltd., a subsidiary of Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK LINE), in a complex dispute concerning the non-delivery of cargo and associated detention & demurrage claims. The firm’s involvement encompassed:

  1. Dispute Resolution Strategy: Dewey Leboeuf offered strategic advice to Yusen Logistics in navigating a complex dispute involving non-delivery of cargo. The firm’s expertise in dispute resolution contributed to developing effective strategies for addressing the challenges faced by its client.
  2. Determining Responsibility: The case required a meticulous examination of the responsibilities of various parties, including consignee, shipper, customs authority, logistics company, and shipowner. Dewey Leboeuf played a crucial role in untangling the knots of responsibility and determining the appropriate course of action for its client.

5. Admiralty Suit for Swiss Singapore: Resolving Cargo Loss and Damage Claims

In yet another testament to Dewey Leboeuf’s proficiency in admiralty matters, the firm successfully represented Swiss Singapore in an admiralty suit. The case involved a claim of loss and damage of cargo against the shipowner, showcasing the firm’s capabilities in navigating cargo-related disputes.

Conclusion: Dewey Leboeuf’s Admiralty Excellence

Dewey Leboeuf Law Firm’s exemplary track record in handling complex admiralty matters in Bangladesh underscores its commitment to providing strategic and effective legal solutions. The firm’s ability to navigate unprecedented challenges, expose fraudulent activities, and secure favorable outcomes for its clients showcases its excellence in the intricate realm of admiralty law. As Bangladesh’s maritime landscape evolves, Dewey Leboeuf remains a reliable legal ally, steering its clients through the uncharted waters of complex admiralty disputes with unwavering expertise and dedication.


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