Bank Mortgage claims in Admiralty law in Bangladesh

Bank Mortgage claims in Admiralty law in Bangladesh

Bank Mortgage claims in Admiralty law in Bangladesh

Dewey Leboeuf Law Firm, a prominent legal entity in Bangladesh, has consistently demonstrated expertise in admiralty matters. In this article, we delve into the firm’s success stories in handling intricate disputes, focusing on Bank’s Mortgage/Charge claims, Bunker’s & other supplies, and Co-ownership Disputes. By providing detailed insights into these matters, we aim to showcase the firm’s adeptness in navigating the nuanced waters of maritime law.

1. Bank’s Mortgage/Charge Claim & Other Disputes:

Navigating Ship Mortgage and Finance Challenges:

Dewey Leboeuf has been instrumental in providing legal assistance for disputes involving ship mortgage, ship finance, and transactions related to Letters of Credit (L/C). Key aspects of the firm’s representation in these matters include:

  1. Fraudulent L/C Transactions: The firm has successfully navigated cases involving fraudulent L/C transactions related to vessels. By employing a strategic legal approach, Dewey Leboeuf protects the interests of its clients and ensures justice in cases of deceptive financial practices.
  2. Ship Mortgage Challenges: Legal complexities surrounding ship mortgage require nuanced understanding, and Dewey Leboeuf’s proficiency in this area shines through. The firm aids clients in resolving disputes related to ship mortgage, offering comprehensive legal solutions.

Ensuring Justice through Legal Expertise:

  1. Expert Legal Assistance: Legal assistance is paramount in these cases, where Dewey Leboeuf has consistently provided expert counsel, ensuring that clients are well-represented in intricate legal proceedings.
  2. Admiralty Law and Maritime Liens: Leveraging the admiralty law framework, the firm secures maritime liens for co-ownership claims, offering a robust legal foundation for its clients.

2. Bunker’s & Other Supplies:

Rapid Response in Recovering Dues:

Dewey Leboeuf recognizes the urgency in legal matters involving major bunkers, suppliers, and global sourcing companies. The firm’s success stories in this arena include:

  1. Speedy Actions in Maritime Lien Enforcement: Given the fast-paced nature of maritime operations, the firm emphasizes the importance of speedy actions. Dewey Leboeuf has successfully enforced maritime liens or filed in rem actions, often necessitating prompt legal actions as vessels depart ahead of schedule.
  2. Arresting Vessels for Debt Recovery: The firm has consistently provided relentless support in securing ship arrests, a critical step in debt recovery involving breach of supply contracts. Dewey Leboeuf’s ability to act decisively in this regard showcases its commitment to protecting the rights and interests of its clients.

3. Co-ownership Disputes:

Resolving Complex Co-ownership Challenges:

Dewey Leboeuf has been instrumental in providing essential legal services for resolving co-ownership disputes. Key aspects of the firm’s representation in co-ownership matters include:

  1. Navigating Possession, Earnings, and Chartering Disputes: The firm’s expertise extends to resolving disputes involving possession, earnings from vessels, chartering, and mortgage in co-ownership scenarios. Dewey Leboeuf’s comprehensive approach ensures a thorough examination of all facets of these disputes.
  2. Arresting Vessels for Enforcing Claims: Leveraging the provisions of admiralty law, Dewey Leboeuf emphasizes the usefulness of arresting vessels to enforce claims in co-ownership disputes. This strategic approach has proven effective in protecting the rights of co-owners.

Dewey Leboeuf Law Firm’s prowess in admiralty matters in Bangladesh is evident in its successful handling of Bank’s Mortgage/Charge claims, Bunker’s & other supplies disputes, and Co-ownership Disputes. Through strategic legal counsel and rapid response mechanisms, the firm continues to be a reliable partner for clients navigating the complex waters of maritime law in Bangladesh.


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