Recovery of Freight and Charges in Bangladesh best law firm in dhaka

Recovery of Freight and Charges in Bangladesh

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Recovery of Freight and Charges in Bangladesh

In the maritime expanse of Bangladesh, Dewey Leboeuf Law Firm has distinguished itself through its adept handling of diverse admiralty matters. This article delves into the firm’s noteworthy achievements, showcasing its strategic legal acumen and ability to secure favorable outcomes for clients across freight disputes, salvage operations, salary claims, and ship finance intricacies.

1. Freight, Charges & Containers: MV GLOBAL HARMONY Dispute

Dewey Leboeuf undertook a challenging case, representing the owner of MV GLOBAL HARMONY in a complex dispute involving a claim of lien over cargo due to non-payment of freight. Key highlights of this representation include:

  1. Resolution Out of Court: The firm successfully settled the dispute outside the court, demonstrating its prowess in alternative dispute resolution and ensuring a favorable outcome for the client.
  2. Assistance to P & I Club: Dewey Leboeuf played a pivotal role in assisting the concerned P & I Club, showcasing its collaborative approach in safeguarding the interests of its clients.

2. Recovery of Freight and Charges: Assisting OOCL

Dewey Leboeuf extended its expertise to assist OOCL in recovering freight and charges-related dues from a local shipper. Key aspects of this representation include:

  1. Navigating Local Legal Landscape: The firm’s proficiency in navigating the local legal landscape ensured efficient recovery processes, emphasizing its commitment to client success.

3. Salvage Operation: Advising S.I. Chowdhury and Co. Ltd.

The firm provided strategic counsel to S.I. Chowdhury and Co. Ltd. concerning the recovery of outstanding dues related to a salvage operation. This representation involved:

  1. Comprehensive Advisory: Dewey Leboeuf offered comprehensive advice on various aspects of the salvage operation, including towing, submerging, and tug boat services, showcasing its versatility in admiralty matters.

4. Salary and Wages Claim: Sea Power Shipping Enterprises Inc.

Dewey Leboeuf achieved success in recovering claims for due salary, wages, and service fees for Sea Power Shipping Enterprises Inc. against MV LORD. Key aspects of this representation include:

  1. Advocacy for Maritime Labor Rights: The firm’s successful recovery highlighted its commitment to advocating for the rights of maritime workers, ensuring fair compensation for its client.

5. Ship Finance & Mortgage/Charge: Landmark Cases and Trade Finance Disputes

Dewey Leboeuf made significant contributions to the maritime legal landscape, particularly in ship finance and mortgage/charge disputes. Key aspects of this representation include:

  1. Jurisdictional Protection in Admiralty Court: The firm successfully pleaded for the protection of the Admiralty court’s jurisdiction in loan recovery cases, setting a precedent in a landmark decision reported in 69 DLR (2017) 408.
  2. Trade Finance Disputes: Dewey Leboeuf advised Kuwait Finance House Malaysia BHD, May Bank Malaysia in disputes related to trade finance, leading to the filing of admiralty suits in Bangladesh. This representation showcased the firm’s ability to navigate complex financial intricacies.
  3. Co-ownership Claim: The firm commenced a co-ownership claim for First Security Islami Bank Limited against a local owner, highlighting its involvement in diverse aspects of maritime finance.
  4. Civil Revision Litigation: Dewey Leboeuf successfully litigated a Civil Revision between Ernst Komrowski Holding KG (GmbH & Co) and Ananda Shipyard and Slipways Ltd, demonstrating its prowess in handling complex claims involving finance for infrastructure development.

Dewey Leboeuf Law Firm’s exemplary track record in admiralty matters in Bangladesh underscores its commitment to providing strategic, effective, and client-focused legal solutions. As maritime challenges continue to evolve, the firm stands as a reliable partner, navigating the complexities of admiralty law with finesse and dedication.


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