Maritime Collision cases in Bangladesh best international lawyers in Dhaka

Maritime Collision cases in Bangladesh

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Maritime Collision cases in Bangladesh

In the dynamic maritime landscape of Bangladesh, Dewey Leboeuf Law Firm has consistently showcased its prowess in admiralty matters, successfully steering clients through complex disputes. This article delves into the firm’s notable achievements in diverse cases, ranging from collisions to allisions, highlighting its strategic legal acumen and ability to secure favorable outcomes for its clients.

1. Allision with Chittagong Port Authority’s Gantry Crane: Hapag-Lloyd Dispute

Dewey Leboeuf took the helm in assisting its client, Hapag-Lloyd, in a dispute arising from an allision with a gantry crane of Chittagong Port Authority (CPA). The complexities of this matter included:

  1. Statutory Power of CPA: The CPA, exercising its statutory power, claimed loss and damages against the vessel. Dewey Leboeuf successfully challenged this claim before the Admiralty Court, showcasing its ability to navigate legal intricacies.
  2. Release on Furnishing Security: Rather than paying in full and final satisfaction of the CPA’s claim, the vessel was released upon the furnishing of security. Dewey Leboeuf’s strategic legal approach ensured a favorable resolution for Hapag-Lloyd.

2. Collision Between MT Burgan and MV X-Press Mahananda: GARD’s Advisory Role

In collaboration with MFB Solicitors, London, Dewey Leboeuf advised GARD and MT Burgan on a collision involving MT Burgan and MV X-Press Mahananda at Chittagong. Key aspects of this representation included:

  1. International Collaboration: The joint advisory role with MFB Solicitors highlighted Dewey Leboeuf’s global reach and its ability to collaborate seamlessly on international maritime disputes.
  2. Strategic Counsel on Collision Issues: The firm provided strategic counsel on collision-related matters, showcasing its expertise in addressing complex disputes arising from maritime incidents.

3. Out-of-Court Resolution for Multiple Collision Matters: Protecting Ship Owner’s Interests

Dewey Leboeuf’s chambers successfully resolved disputes out of court concerning multiple collisions at Chattogram anchorage, securing the ship owner’s interests. This representation involved:

  1. Representation for Leading P & I Club: The firm represented the leading P & I Club for the vessel M.V. MIM SUPRAMAX VIVI, showcasing its longstanding partnership with prominent players in the maritime industry.
  2. Limitation of Liability Suit: Dewey Leboeuf filed the very first suit for limitation of liability under the coverage of the P & I Club, emphasizing its proactive legal approach to protect client interests.

4. Release of Vessel from Detention: Sensational Collision with Bangladesh Navy’s Frigates

The firm achieved a significant victory by successfully releasing a Marshall Island-flagged vessel from detention. The vessel was involved in a collision with frigates of the Bangladesh Navy, and Dewey Leboeuf’s role included:

  1. Challenging Circumstances: The release was particularly challenging as it occurred during the national holiday period and court vacation. Dewey Leboeuf strategically navigated these obstacles to secure the release through the submission of a local bank guarantee.
  2. Filing a Limitation of Liability Suit: In addition to the vessel’s release, the firm filed a limitation of liability suit under the coverage of the P & I Club, underscoring its commitment to protecting clients in the aftermath of maritime incidents.

5. Settlement of Collision Claim: P & I Club and Sea Satin Oceanway S.A.

Dewey Leboeuf achieved another milestone by successfully settling a collision claim for a leading P & I Club and Sea Satin Oceanway S.A. of Liberia against MV FRANBO WIND and others. Key aspects of this representation included:

Efficient Resolution: The firm’s ability to efficiently settle the collision claim showcased its effectiveness in achieving favourable outcomes for its clients.

In conclusion, Dewey Leboeuf’s exemplary track record in admiralty matters in Bangladesh reflects its commitment to providing strategic, effective, and client-focused legal solutions. As maritime challenges continue to evolve, the firm stands as a reliable partner, navigating the complexities of admiralty law with finesse and dedication.


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